Quiz and Quiz


Before you begin the quiz time! let us tell you that we are not
medical professionals. This information has come from
reliable sources and isn’t meant to be a complete diagnostic
tool in any way.

let’s see if
you are overly stressed out. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do you worry constantly and cycle with negative selftalk?
  2. Do you have difficulty concentrating?
  3. Do you get mad and react easily?
  4. Do you have recurring neck or headaches?
  5. Do you grind your teeth?
  6. Do you frequently feel overwhelmed, anxious or
  7. Do you feed your stress with unhealthy habits-eating or
    drinking excessively, smoking, arguing, or avoiding
    yourself and life in other ways?
  8. Do small pleasures fail to satisfy you?
  9. Do you experience flashes of anger over a minor
    If you can answer “Yes” to most of these questions,
    then you do have excessive stress in your life.

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