Before you begin here, let us tell you that we are not medical professionals. This information has come from
reliable sources and isn’t meant to be a complete diagnostic tool in any way.

Let’s move on to anxiety.

  1. Do you experience shortness of breath, heart
    palpitation or shaking while at rest?
  2. Do you have a fear of losing control or going crazy?
  3. Do you avoid social situations because of fear?
  4. Do you have fears of specific objects?
  5. Do you fear that you will be in a place or situation from
    which you cannot escape?
  6. Do you feel afraid of leaving your home?
  7. Do you have recurrent thoughts or images that refuse
    to go away?
  8. Do you feel compelled to perform certain activities
  9. Do you persistently relive an upsetting event from the
    Answering “Yes” to more than four of these questions can indicate an anxiety disorder. Suffering from depression, too much stress, or excessive anxiety can endanger your overall health and it’s time to take steps to overcome this – RIGHT NOW! Stress and anxiety affect many factors in our body not only our mental state. Cancer and other deadly diseases are related to stress and anxiety because of the changes in the chemical composition of our body due to stress and anxiety. You don’t have to be a victim of stress and anxiety, it’s just all about discipline and having a proper schedule. Not taking in anything you cannot handle will be a lot of help. Learn your limitations and stick to them. Do not over-exert yourself. Just try to go over the border an inch at a time.